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Jills EPK

Moon and the Morning After
01 October, 2005
review by - Stewart Francke

"Jill Jack's The Moon And The Morning After is the best record of its kind I've heard this year. Her songs transcend her usual craft, and live in the rarified territory of revealing the poetic details of an inner life. It's conceptually tied to the title's inclusive metaphor--real life after the heightened reality of romantic love, nightly things or just elation. Life's good, life's hard, life's good again--just sing about it. Nolan Mendenhall's "tip of the iceberg" production technique is beautiful. His style and her startling new melodies let the listener conjure what's just below the surface--all the depth to what's left out. The diginity found in the movement of an icerberg comes from having 1/8th of it out of water. But you gotta know what you're leaving out, and they do. True talent, hard won and fully realized." --Stewart Francke

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